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Of Fungi And Foe Vinyl LP

Les Claypool's album "Of Fungi and Foe" is his latest album of all original music. This album is a collection of songs inspired by the projects he has been working on over the past few years, and also contains a jam session with Eugene Hütz the charismatic front-man of the band Gogol Bordello that turned into the track "Bite Out Of Life". Other musicians who appear on the cd include Lapland Miclovik, Mike Dillon, Sam Bass, Paulo Baldi, Cage Claypool, and Bryonn Bain.

"Sometime back I was commissioned to write soundtrack music for two projects that promised to have quite a bit of very intense and unique imagery. One was for an interactive game about a meteor that hits Earth and brings intelligence to the mushrooms within the crash proximity and the other was about a three thousand pound wild boar that terrorizes the marijuana fields of Northern California. Obviously the makers of the subsequent MUSHROOM MEN game and PIG HUNT film were very aware of my tastes and perspectives because the music oozed from me in such a natural way that I believe it came as much from my pores as it did my mind. This music became the foundation of the songs that fill this collection. With a few added tidbits and a bit of gypsy sauce, I inflict upon you... OF FUNGI AND FOE"  – Les Claypool

Track List:

1. Mushroom Men
2. Amanitas
3. Red State Girl
4. Booneville Stomp
5. What Would Sir George Martin Do
6. You Can't Tell Errol Anything
7. Bite Out Of Life
8. Kazoo
9. Primed By 29
10. Pretty Little Song
11. Of Fungi And Foe
12. Ol' Rosco

"Of Fungi And Foe" is now available at Club Bastardo on cd, vinyl and audio download...

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CLUB BASTARDO DOWNLOADS - Les & Primus Downloads Now Available!
Club Bastardo - Downloads Now Available

We're excited to announce that downloads from Les Claypool, Primus and Prawn Song Records are now available in Club Bastardo!

The audio downloads are available in three DRM-free formats: MP3 256kbps, MP3 128kbps, and FLAC Lossless. All MP3's will play on iPod® and all other MP3 players.

To view track listings, song clips and album reviews - just click on the link below. To download a single track, select the Digital Format in the dropdown menu above the track listing. When you're ready to checkout, click the "Checkout Now" button located in the top right corner of the screen.

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PIG HUNT - Theatrical Screening Dates
Pig Hunt

View A List Of Upcoming Screenings | www.pighuntmovie.com/screenings.html

Learn All About The Film At | www.pighuntmovie.com

MUSHROOM MEN VIDEO GAMES - Featuring Music From Les Claypool!
Mushroom Men

A completely revamped Mushroom Men website is packed with new information about Red Fly Studio's "Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars" for Wii and "Mushroom Men: Rise of The Fungi" for Nintendo DS, and also features original mushroom-inspired character and theme music by Les Claypool that will be used in-game. Les' exclusive tracks will play an important role in the game's audio gameplay experience.

"Getting Les Claypool involved with Mushroom Men has always been a dream scenario! Having him on board and collaborating with everyone is a really exciting time for the project," said Kris Taylor, Co-Founder and Art Director of Red Fly Studio. "Now with the new website up and running, we hope people can really come and get a vibe for what we are creating with the Mushroom Men universe."

"When Mushroom Men was first presented to me I was coincidentally on the perpetual late fall hunt for the elusive King Bolete mushrooms which dot the West Sonoma County landscape where myself and my family dwell," said Les Claypool. "The yearly quest for these fabulous, fungal delicacies has become a bit of a seasonal obsession for myself and my two children over the past few years. Coupled with my son's obsession with fantasy gaming, it was all I could do to get anything else done around Rancho Relaxo once he got wind of the impending Mushroom Man game and the creator's interest in having me do the soundtrack. After seeing the design material and mock-ups online, I was queried on a daily basis whether or not I had 'talked to the Mushroom guys' and would they be sending us a beta version to try out. I knew at once that this was an opportunity to gain massive brownie points in the eyes of my offspring, a feat that becomes more and more difficult the closer they get to adolescence. Thanks Mushroom Men."

Les Claypool - Mushroom Men

Check It Out | www.mushroommen.com

ELECTRIC APRICOT - Quest for Festeroo DVD in Stores Now!
Electric Apricot DVD

Go behind-the-scenes of one of the biggest tours the jam band world has ever seen in "National Lampoon presents Electric Apricot: Quest For Festeroo." It's the first film directed by world-renowned singer/bassist, Les Claypool, who makes his acting debut in the film. National Lampoon presents Electric Apricot: Quest For Festeroo is a hilarious mockumentary that gives viewers a glimpse into the entertaining world of jam bands while following one group, Electric Apricot, on their journey to discover musical enlightenment. The DVD features hours of never-before-seen footage, including actor and director commentaries, deleted scenes and bloopers, cast interviews, theatrical trailer, easter eggs and more!

Featuring rock legends such as the Grateful Dead's Bob Weir, Phish's Mike Gordon as well as Warren Haynes and Matt Abts from Gov't Mule, this clever and entertaining film also features classic cameo appearances from Seth Green (Austin Powers in Goldmember, The Italian Job) and "South Park's" Matt Stone and was produced by Jason McHugh (producer of debut features for Trey Parker from "South Park").

Order the DVD Online | www.clubbastardo.com

Watch the Trailer | www.electricapricot.com

A New Interview with Les | www.nashvillescene.com

Another Interview with Les | www.roxwel.com

Read A Review | www.filmthreat.com

CURRENT - Les Claypool's Electric Apricot & Interview Outtakes

ELECTRIC APRICOT SOUNDTRACK - In Stores Now - or Order Online!
Electric Apricot Soundtrack

The Electric Apricot Soundtrack on Hip-O Records is in stores now!

National Lampoon Presents Electric Apricot: Quest For Festeroo features the only known studio recordings of Electric Apricot, a band with no limits, no fear, and no clue - their anthem "Hey Are You Going To Burning Man?," "Backroads Of My Mind," "Uncle Pete's Party" and "Sugar Train Blues" - plus their epic live 19-minute "Yog Sagoff," recorded in May 2005 in Mill Valley, CA.

Also heard on Quest For Festeroo are the jam gems "Shady Grove" from Grateful Dead legend Jerry Garcia and David Grisman, Bob Weir (Grateful Dead, RatDog) with "Playing In The Band", Gov't Mule led by Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers Band) with "Time To Confess" Primus guitarist Larry LaLonde with his electronic music masterpiece "Calling All Sand Worms," Michael Franti & Spearhead with "Everybody Ona Move", the classic "Fishing Blues" from Henry Thomas, and Stiff Dead Cat with a rockin' tribute to the Dead with their rendition of "Dire Wolf".

Order The CD | www.clubbastardo.com

LES CLAYPOOL FANCY DVD - Live Summer 2006... A Fan's Perspective
Les Claypool Fancy DVD

"Fancy" is Les' first live concert DVD and shows his latest band at its peak performance. With long time associates Skerik on sax and Mike Dillon on vibes, marimba and percussion (both of Garage a Trois and Critters' Buggin), the band is rounded out by drummer Paulo Baldi and multi-instrumentalist Gabby La La.

"Fancy" was assembled using footage shot by a small group of devoted fans over the course of several performances. The audio is a combination of board tapes blended with audience or "tapers" recordings to give the piece the true "fan's perspective."

The 2006 tour was in support of Claypool's then current cd release Of Whales and Woe, and thus material from this album is favored here. Other songs are drawn from 2002's Purple Onion and the 1996 Interscope release Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel: Highball With the Devil.

The Fancy DVD was released May 29th and is in stores now!

View A Song From The DVD: Of Whales And Woe

Order The Fancy DVD: www.clubbastardo.com

South Of The Pumphouse by Les Claypool

South Of The Pumphouse Is Available Now

A dark, clever tale of two brothers, a fishing trip, misconceptions, drugs and murder, South of the Pumphouse skillfully combines classic motifs of epic struggle and intelligent layers of imagery, reminiscent of The Old Man and the Sea, and the raw, tweaked perspective and hallucinogenic tutorial of a Hunter Thompson novel.

But like Les Claypool's music, the material is still hugely innovative, highly independent, and excruciatingly thought-provoking. South of the Pumphouse is sure to be a cult phenomenon, doing for books what Donnie Darko and the Coen brothers did for film: bringing disquiet back to the forefront of popular writing. "South of the Pumphouse" was published by Akashic Books.

Buy The Book | www.clubbastardo.com

Excerpt | www.akashicbooks.com

Interview | Ten Questions With Les Claypool

PRIMUS - New DVD & CD Available Now
Primus - New Releases

"Blame It On The Fish - An Abstract Look at the 2003 Primus Tour de Fromage" DVD
A young filmmaker's uniquely warped perspective of touring with the band.

Order the DVD online:

"They Can't All Be Zingers" CD
16-track compilation celebrating one of rock's most influential and eccentric bands.

CD Track List
1. To Defy The Laws Of Tradition
2. John The Fisherman
3. Too Many Puppies
4. Jerry Was A Race Car Driver
5. Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers
6. Tommy The Cat
7. My Name Is Mud
8. Mr. Krinkle
9. DMV
10. Over The Electric Grapevine
11. Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
12. Southbound Pachyderm
13. Over The Falls
14. Shake Hands With Beef (extended unreleased version)
15. Coattails Of A Dead Man
16. Mary The Ice Cube

Order the CD online: www.clubbastardo.com

PRIMUS DVD/CD ECARD - Plus iTunes Zingers Exclusive
Primus eCard

Watch the "Blame It On The Fish" dvd trailer and listen to Jerry Was A Race Car Driver from "They Can't All Be Zingers"!

Check out the Primus eCard: www.umecard.com/primus

iTunes Exclusive Live Track
Purchase the complete album download of "They Can't All Be Zingers" from the iTunes store and receive a live version of Mr. Knowitall recorded on the Punchbowl Tour.

Check out iTunes: www.apple.com/itunes

OF WHALES AND WOE - Les Claypool Studio Album
Les Claypool - Of Whales And Woe

Track List & Audio Clips
1. Back Off Turkey
2. One Better | mp3 | real audio |
3. Lust Stings
4. Of Whales And Woe
5. Vernon The Company Man
6. Phantom Patriot
7. Iowan Gal
8. Nothin' Ventured
9. Rumble Of The Diesel
10. Robot Chicken
11. Filipino Ray
12. Off-White Guilt

Bassist, songwriter, and virtuoso Les Claypool kicked off one of the most sustained periods of activity in his career on May 30th with the release of 'Of Whales And Woe' on Prawn Song. Marked by Claypool's wry worldview and the ferocious musical chops of the legendary bassist and his musical co-conspirators Skerik, Mike Dillon, and Gabby La La, the album is an aggressive tour de force that recalls his best work as one of the pioneers of alternative music.

The album's 12 all-new songs match the irreverent aesthetic that has characterized Claypool's storied career with a gritty, uncompromising drive. The lead track "Back Off Turkey" is menacing and sparse, followed by the dirge march of "Lust Stings" and the propulsive "Rumble Of The Diesel." Other highlights include "Phantom Patriot," with references from Bohemian Grove to "the elite right wing maze," and the album's closer, and instrumental titled simply "Off-white Guilt."

Order The CD Now | www.clubbastardo.com

iTunes - Exclusive Live Track:

The iTunes Music Store is offering an exclusive track with the purchase of the complete album "Of Whales and Woe". D's Diner was recorded live at Les' show at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia on 10/20/05. Featured in Les' band were Skerik, Mike Dillon, Gabby La La, and Jay Lane.

Buy From iTunes | www.itunes.com

Les Claypool - Phantom Patriot

Check out Les' new video for "Phantom Patriot"
from Of Whales and Woe!

Watch QuickTime Video | Phantom Patriot

Animation by Derek Roczen
www.derekroczen.de | www.filmakademie.de

Les Claypool - 5 Gallons Of Diesel

5 Gallons Of Diesel is a comprehensive sampling of visual elements associated with the ever evolving and always eclectic world of bassist/singer/songwriter Les Claypool. The DVD contains 3-1/2 hours of footage featuring Oysterhead, Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains, Sausage, Frog Brigade, Holy Mackerel and more. It includes live performances, videos, behind the scenes footage and other bonus material.

The DVD was released on November 15th, and you can order the US/NTSC version online from Club Bastardo. A PAL version is also available in the UK, and both dvds are region free.

More Info | Track List

Buy The DVD | www.clubbastardo.com

THE CREATIVE SPACKLE CONTEST - The Winners Have Been Selected!
The Creative Spackle Contest

The Winners

1st Prize - Joe Tombarello:
Both of the below prizes plus a $100 Club Bastardo gift certificate.
2nd Prize - Dan Neuffer:
2 tickets to a Les Claypool show of your choice (Les headlining - no festivals).
3rd Prize - Ron Bankey:
A custom Les Claypool Dickies jacket with your name on it.

Click here to view the winning videos/animations.

We were looking for interesting visuals - either video or animation (extra credit for animation) - that we could utilize as video imagery for Les' music. Special attention was given to animated shorts. In addition to being posted on the web site, the winners' pieces will have a chance of being featured and credited on one of Les' visual projects.

Contest Ended July 1st, 2006 | Learn More

LES CLAYPOOL PERFORMANCE - On The World Cafe With David Dye
The World Cafe with David Dye

Check out Les Claypool performing on "The World Cafe with David Dye"!

The audio stream is available on NPR: www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5670571

GABBY LA LA - Produced By And Featuring Les Claypool
Gabby La La - Be Careful What You Wish For

Wielding the sitar, electric ukulele, toy piano, accordion and Theremin, Gabby La La is a perfect example of eclectic creativity uncommon in today's music. Gabby La La's debut CD "Be Careful What You Wish For" - on Les Claypool's Prawn Song Records - makes her the first new artist on the label in a decade. Produced by Claypool himself (who also plays many of the instruments), the recordings of her original quirky songs mark the culmination of what has been a steady collaboration between the two.

More Info | www.gabbylala.com

Buy The CD | www.clubbastardo.com

ROBOT CHICKEN - Theme Song By Les Claypool

A new animated tv series, Robot Chicken, premiered recently on the Cartoon Network, featuring a theme song composed and performed by Les Claypool. The show, which was created by well known actor Seth Green ("Austin Powers"), uses stop motion animation with action figures. It appears during the Adult Swim programming.

Episodes are only 15 minutes long and are re-run a few times during the week. Check local listings for showtimes. Les (along with Primus) also wrote and performed the theme for Comedy Central's long-running South Park cartoon series.

NEVER BEEN DONE - The Jon Comer Story
Never Been Done - The Jon Comer Story

Features music by The Les Claypool Frog Brigade

Best Documentary:
X-Dance Film Festival Jan 2004
Best Documentary Gold Remi:
WorldFestHouston International Film Festival April 2004
Feature Film Award:
San Diego Film Festival 2004
Golden Reel Award:
Tiburon International Film Festival - March 2005

Purchase This DVD | www.neverbeendone.com

PRIMUS - Hallucino-Genetics Live 2004
Primus - Hallucino-Genetics Live 2004

The only concert DVD from Primus, "Hallucino-Genetics Live 2004" is available now. Filmed at the last US show in June, 2004 at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, this DVD captures the band at their live peak. It includes two full sets delivering 2-1/2 hours of live music and includes a complete performance of their classic album "Frizzle Fry."

More Info | www.primusville.com

Buy The DVD | www.clubbastardo.com

LES CLAYPOOL MP3S - Available at Apple iTunes

Primus | buy mp3s
The Les Claypool Frog Brigade | buy mp3s
Les Claypool And The Holy Mackerel | buy mp3s
Sausage | buy mp3s

PRIMUS - Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People
Primus - Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People

DVD & CD combo with original drummer Tim Alexander!

More Info | www.primusville.com

Buy The DVD/CD | www.clubbastardo.com

Primus Media Player | www.bandbuilder.com

"I read all about it in USA Today."

LES CLAYPOOL - Assorted Videos
Les Claypool - Buzzards Of Green Hill

Buzzards Of Green Hill video directed by Les:
QuickTime | hi-fi | lo-fi |

Frog Brigade clips from the 2003 High Sierra Music Festival:
QuickTime | Ding Dang | Whamola |
Real Video | Ding Dang | Whamola |

Les playing at Tipitina's during JazzFest 2002:
Windows Media | www.tipitinas.com