SAUSAGE - Riddles Are Abound Tonight
Sausage - Riddles Are Abound Tonight

1. Prelude To Fear
2. Riddles Are Abound Tonight
3. Here's To The Man
4. Shattering Song
5. Toyz 1988
6. Temporary Phase
7. Girls For Single Men
8. Recreating
9. Caution Should Be Used While Driving A Motor Vehicle Or Operating Machinery

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Sausage: sliced and diced fatly chunks of weird particles with meaty grizzle that doesn't really taste like meat. Like fine wine, the three members of Sausage have improved with time in the five years since their last jam session.

Talented bass player Les Claypool (of Primus fame) joins forces with old friends Todd Huth (guitar) and Jay Lane (drums) to perfect a state of unconsciousness normally unattainable during the waking hours.

"Prelude To Fear" includes Claypool's familiar thwappin' bass with Lane slammin' the beat right along with him (almost impossible, but Jay is dazzling). Sit back and relax to the more than seven minutes of "Shattering Song," whose reckless riffs were recorded at a faint pianissimo level, and become stronger and louder, like a train gaining speed as it approaches. The fast pickin' "Toyz 1988" showcases Todd Huth's bluesy style; "Girls For Single Men" layers talking voices over one another in a dreamlike sequence so real that you might wake up with tiny beads of water on your brow. It's just Sausage's way of penetrating your imagination. Experience the above, along with the title track, "Here's To The Man" and "Caution Should Be Used."